Thursday, April 17, 2014
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    Total Traffic Network provides many data formats and is capable of delivering traffic information over multiple distribution transports, including over-the-air broadcast, RDS-TMC (Radio Data System – Traffic Messaging Channel), HD Radio, Satellite, and Internet-connected distribution systems. RDS-TMC, and HD Radio distribution technology utilize FM side-band and digital technology. The distribution network is owned by Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.
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    Our goal is to provide a traffic product that will ultimately save time, fuel resources, and alleviate roadway stress. Through a method of planning and implementing resources, analyzing results, and acting to fuse multiple traffic resources, Total Traffic Network aims to meet these goals for a positive customer experience.
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    Total Traffic Network’s HD-Hybrid technology is the most flexible and cost effective solution to accessing dynamic content across the country. TTN HD-Hybrid connects end-users to content through an iHeartRadio portal when HD Radio coverage is unavailable. Leveraging the bandwidth and speed of HD Radio in-market and the freedom of Internet coverage everywhere else for the best possible user experience, TTN HD-Hybrid delivers content to your device anywhere!
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First, make sure you have connected your device to the internet and checked for the latest updates for your device. Second, make sure you have followed your manual’s instruction regarding setup. Most devices must be connected to both the outlet and the device in order to get a signal since the antenna/receiver is built into the power cord. Also, some devices must be fully docked in order to work. Finally, try to expose the antenna to as much “sky” as possible and do not use a “splitter” device to share the power outlet with another device (like an iPod) as this may cause interference with the receiver.